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Our proprietary exam centered approach prioritizes student’s time above all, making it possible to fast track specific IB goals.


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2023 High Achievers

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My teacher guided me to a Level 7 in English Lang Lit (HL) IO and Written Task Assessments.



Mr. Uzair was a wonderful IB English lit HL tutor. He helped me structure my thoughts into coherent essays and always made sure that I fully understood.



My IB tutor was able to teach the critical thinking skills that are vital to dissecting an English literature piece.



I did IB tutoring with Elite prep and their tutors were quite helpful. My grades improved within a few months.



I would like to thank my teachers Mr. Uzair and Mr.Areeb for helping me improve in English and mathematics



I went to Eliteprep for one year, and my tutors helped me secure the predicted grades I needed to get into HKU and UK universities.


Creative Secondary

IB tutorial lessons at Elite prep are the best in Hong Kong. They focus on past exam questions from the start.


Discovery College

I have to say their IB tutors really know how to complete the IAs and TOK in a short period of time and still get 90% + marks.



I joined the lessons at Eliteprep in my second year of IB after my friends who were already going there started to improve their predicted grades.



Eliteprep is the best tutor source in Hong Kong by far.I was able to get Level 7 within 6 months of tutoring.



My tutors really helped me boost the grades. I got 7s for all my HLs



My IB tutors helped me with my personal statement which helped me secure an offer from Durham

Why choose us?

Exam Focused

More than 70% of content covered in class is barely tested on exam questions. Hence, we have fine tuned our tutorials to help students focus only on what is required to get a level 7 in each subject.

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Rapid Improvement

We guarantee real outcomes within a short time period. Our tried and tested IB system is designed to fast track your journey to level 7.

Study Resources

From topic notes, exam questions to Level 7 sample essays and video materials, we are willing to dispose all our resources in order to guarantee success.

Top IB Tutors

All of our tutors are top university graduates with minimum 3+ years of experience in teaching the IB curriculum.

Predicted Level 7

We are fully aware of the importance of predicted grades in university applications. Our IB tutors work alongside students to make sure all Internal Assessments (IAs) are completed on time and score a level 7.

Stress Free

IB Diploma program can be quite intimidating for students. Our tutors can help you grasp difficult topics and exam questions by breaking them down in simple and easy to understand terms. The tutors will then practice IB style sample questions to help you master each topic.

Subjects we offer for IB Tutoring

Our Track Record

scored level 6 or 7 in the subject they tutored with us


scored level 6 or 7 in the subject they tutored with us

scored IBDP overall score 40+


scored IBDP overall score 40+

top uk admission offers


Received admission offers from global top 30 universities

About US

We are a team of IB experts who want to provide specialised help to students taking the International Baccalaureate diploma. We have helped hundreds of IB students achieve their target scores and get into their dream universities. This has been possible through development of teaching techniques revolving around the IB syllabus specifically. Our team is particularly trained to master the IB subject and exam strategies to boost grades.


We are dedicated to support IB students who are aiming for admission in a top tier university. We have time and time again enabled our students achieve their IB goals. Our IB tutors have developed high level IB courses. We cover the International Baccalaureate syllabus and IB past papers.


What are the defining qualities of a top IB Tutor in Hong Kong?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma programme is quite demanding for students. A great IB tutor should have a tried and tested system in place to help students rapidly boost their grades. This systematic approach should be exam-oriented and clear enough to support different requirements of students.

How does Eliteprep HK make sure that only the best IB tutors in Hong Kong are part of the team?

Our core value is to offer excellence. To ensure this, we only take IB tutors who are top university graduates and are highly experienced in IB Tutoring. Additionally, we train and test our tutors to be well-versed with the current syllabus, past paper questions, and internal assessment criteria.

How long will it take for Eliteprep IB tutors to boost my grades?

Our IB tutorials are designed to rapidly boost students' grades as we prioritize fast-tracking positive outcomes from our lessons. For internal assessments, normally it only takes 4-6 lessons to prepare our students for level 7, while for mid-term and end-of-year exams, our IB tutors will help you go over all the major topics and prepare through past paper questions in 3 months.

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