What makes a great IB Tutor

How to secure an A with TOK Tutor

TOK is IB students’ worst nightmare. With vague teaching, lack of context and open-ended expectations, TOK remains one of the most dreaded component of IB Diploma. Hong Kong students are often found in desperate search for a miraculous solution to the TOK. The problem with TOK Tutor is that not many of its instructors are fully equipped with strategies to simplify what may be otherwise perceived as an ambiguous subject. How to secure an A with TOK Tutor So, what is TOK really?

So, what is TOK really? As the name suggests, theory of knowledge, TOK aims to educate students about how subjects work. Whether it is mathematics or economics or history, all subjects that human beings learn can be understood as different institutions. TOK expects students to learn about the structure of these institutions. How do mathematicians think? How do economists think? What do they really want to achieve? Why is it different from how scientists think and what they want to achieve through science? All of these questions lead to discussions in TOK. Tok can be looked more as philosophy as it is really an inquiry into the human nature and its pursuits.

For IB assessment, students need to finish a TOK Presentation in year 1 and hand in the TOK essay by second year. For the TOK presentation, students should always try to come up with interesting real-life situations that can be examined from multiple perspectives. Claims and counter claims are then formulated to analyse perspectives. The best TOK tutor in HK will inspire you to tackle both the problems. A TOK tutor can help you come up with claims and counter claims that will always lead to a top mark. For TOK essay a tutor can make the process simple by planning out the full structure of the TOK essay and help you proofread. If you are struggling with TOK and really need A Grade, please get in touch with Hkexcel and ask for the TOK specialist.