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Econ IA Support

Through the implementation of a tried and tested process, our students always secure a level 7 for their Econ IA. Our tutors are specifically trained to take a step by step approach to help student's ace the internal assesments.

Topic Notes

IB economics, especially at a higher level can be quite daunting in terms of the sheer volume of content that students have to absorb. To solve this problem, Eliteprep's economics tutors are instructed to provide each student with high quality take home notes.

Level 7 Sample Essays

After going through each topic, our ib econ tutor will teach students how to apply the learnt knowledge to solve exam style questions and provide level 7 sample response.



Hey, just finished my econ IA and wanted to thank you for putting attention to fix all the issues.


I took IB economics tuition at Eliteprep and I am very satisfied with my progress, especially the tutor is really nice.



Eliteprep tutor has been helping me with econ IA, so far I am very happy with the progress.


I got a 7 in IB econ , thanks to tutoring at Eliteprephk. Thank you guys for helping me achieve my goal of entering into Kings College.



Thanks for guiding me through the worst deadline crisis. Legends.



I did IB econ tutorials at Elite Prep HK. They have brilliant tutors.



I would highly recommend Eliteprep for IB Economics tutoring.



I would like to thank my teacher for helping me improve in Economics.I was able to get Level 7 within 6 months of tutoring.

Feel challenged by IB Economics?

IB Economics can present various challenges, from grasping complex concepts to applying theory to case studies. The International Baccalaureate (IB) program, renowned for its rigorous and comprehensive curriculum, places a significant emphasis on Economics. In Hong Kong, a city known for its competitive educational landscape, the demand for specialized IB Economics tutors is on the rise.

Why choose ElitePrep's IB Economics Tutors?

A significant part of excelling in IB Economics involves understanding and remembering key definitions. An effective IB Economics tutor should possess a deep understanding of the subject, ideally with a background in Economics or related fields. They should be familiar with the IB curriculum and have a track record of helping students achieve high scores.

Eliteprephk's IB Econ tutors will help you grasp complex topics and provide strategies to ace different exam question types. We also provide IB Econ notes to allow students to focus only on exam-relevant content. We stand out because of our well-defined, structured approach, integrating a wealth of relevant materials. Our track record speaks for itself; over 94% of our students achieving Level 6 or higher in the 2023 May exams.

How we can help you write a Level 7 Economics IA?

The internal assessments (IA) in IB Economics require students to craft well-structured and insightful economic commentaries, integrating real-world economic issues. When it comes to efficiently navigating this process, our IB Econ Tutors are your best bet. Our IA tutoring support includes guidance on selecting the right IA topic, analyzing case studies, understanding relevant theories, and assembling these elements into a well-structured essay.

Proven Success: ElitePrepHK’s Track Record

The effectiveness of ElitePrepHK's teaching method is not just a claim but a proven reality. 95% of our students report a significant improvement in their grasp of complex IB economics topics after just one term with us. Students who have been part of Elite Prep’s programs have not only achieved excellent results in IB Economics but have also gained admission to some of the world's most prestigious institutions.


What makes Eliteprephk’s IB Economics different from other economics courses?

We are recognized in HK for our comprehensive approach, integrating both theoretical and practical aspects of economics.

How long does it typically take to prepare for the IB Economics exam?

Preparation time varies, but starting at least a year in advance is recommended for thorough understanding and practice.

Can online tutoring be as effective as in-person tutoring for IB Economics?

Yes, with advancements in technology and interactive platforms, online tutoring can be equally effective.

What are some common mistakes students make in IB Economics exams?

Common mistakes include misunderstanding questions, poor time management, and inadequate application of economic theories.

How important is the Internal Assessment in IB Economics?

The IA is a significant component of the course, contributing to the final grade and requiring in-depth analysis and research.

What should I look for in a potential IB Economics tutor?

Look for qualifications in economics, experience with the IB curriculum, and a teaching style that resonates with the student's learning preferences.

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