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The IGCSE syllabus and exam pattern is as sophisticated as any other and hence demands a well versed and experienced instructor. We recognize the lack of IGCSE tutoring expertise that comes along with untrained instructors entering the market. In order to tackle this issue, we take IGCSE as seriously as our IB tutoring. We make sure that our IGCSE team is actually dedicated to the particular demands of the syllabus and examination.

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The IGCSE program was started to ensure that students can achieve a successful and competent entry into the IB program.

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We know there is a real need for students to develop a strong foundation, especially for the subjects they are going to pursue in high school. IGCSE grades are also considered by many universities as part of the admission process. In order to meet all of these needs we implement tried and tested resources to ensure students can achieve A grades for all the subjects.

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We have put together a team of qualified professionals who have graduated from top 25 globally ranked universities. Furthermore, these individuals have dedicated themselves to focus on the IB curricula and have gained multiple years of experience in their respective subjects. What distinguishes our ib tutors from the rest in hk is their consistency in terms of delivering output. We are pleased that our tutors have established their reputation as reliable sources of securing top results in this space. Equipped with knowledge, experience, study resources, and communication skills , our team of ib tutors can reliably boost any student to a level 7 in their subject.



Charlotte, LPC

We did our IGCSE math and english here and it was really helpful to score A*s


Emily, LPC

Thanks for the help ! I got my goal results


Thomas, SIS

I did 3 months after tutoring at Ib english tutor with the and he covered all the examination techniques. Good experience.


Patrick, YCIS

My math and science tutor are really supportive , especially when im stuck on a certain topic. i


Hailey, KGV

Hey just wanted to let you guys know that my results came out and I scored all As and A*s, thanks alot !


Christo, RCHK

I highly recommend their IGCSE tutors as they are very experienced and boost the grades


Lucinda, SPCC

I went to Eliteprep for one year and my tutors helped me secure the predicted grades I needed to get into HKU and UK universities. They were patient and exceeded my expectations.


Trinity, Creative Secondary

Sarah was a really helpful when it came to constructing points and arguments in an exam paper scenario, and methodically goes through what should be done.

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