What makes a great IB Tutor

What makes a great IB Tutor

In today’s society, markets are competitive, and Education is no different. High performing societies such as Hong Kong, prioritize strong academic resumes for its youth to compete at the highest level in Job market. It is no surprise that IB Tutors who can ensure superior grades are highly sought in Hong Kong. However, let’s not be confused here, this demand for best IB tutors can be a major problem for quality control.

Not all IB tutors are equal. IB Tutorial centres in HK are aware of what they market and what they deliver. This discrepancy has made finding the best IB Tutor HK a confusing and even a frustrating task for parents in HK.

In fact, Eliteprephk was started to solve this problem. It started with a simple question: How can we ensure that our tutors possess the necessary traits to be called top tier tutors and that they are passionate to get the job done effectively?

Well this brought us to another not so simple question: What makes the best IB Tutor HK? Is it the qualifications and their university ranking? Is it the number of hours and students they have worked? Is it their attitude towards teaching and personality? Or is it their communication skills?

  • We spoke to IB students who were able to get a 43+ in their IB.
  • We conducted a research on 100 IB tutors in HK asking them about the performance of their students.
  • We collected data and compared against each criterion that we thought makes the best IB Tutor hk.

This is what we found:

  1. A great IB Tutor had depth of knowledge coming from his/her university degree that was aligned with the topics in IB syllabus. A degree in the same subject was not sufficient. It turned out because the IB syllabus topics are diverse, only the tutors who had degrees broad natured, had a deeper knowledge of each topic and subtopic rather than a branch of that subject.
  2. Tutoring is a skill. Turns out, this skill has nothing to do with classroom teaching skill. The best IB tutors in hk were the ones who are personal, who take interest in the individual. Who treat each student as a unique problem and are invested in their grades.
  3. Knowledge and good intentions can only take you so far. The cream of IB tutors are known for their superior execution. We are talking about great communicators. The kind of tutors who are always cheerful and know the best conversations leading to acquisition of subject knowledge. We found out that these tutors are deeply aware of an aspect of human nature: learning complicated things is hard on the spirits. They make knowledge smooth and fun.